Three things I learned:

  1.  The first thing I learned was that we as students would be exploring many different types of document mediums as we complete our weekly assignments. These include business letters, technical reports, peer reviews, collaborations, tables, graphs, technical instruction, abstracts, a professional blog and portfolio, and such. Most of these are not new to me, but I am nevertheless excited to complete these assignments. I have not yet had the opportunity to establish a professional presence online, so the blog and portfolio will be something new to me.
  2. Another thing that stood out to me was that the instructor is bound by the law not to respond to student emails coming from non-university email accounts. This is the first time that I heard about this law, but I was not surprised. The university is responsibly taking effective measures to protect online students.
  3. I learned also that we would be using Raindrop. io, Google Docs, WordPress, and other platforms to complete the assigned work.

Two things that were confusing:

  1. One thing that was confusing for me was the way that weekly assignments were made known to the students. The Course Schedule for ENGL 314 was vague in describing some of the assignments due in a particular week. For example, under Assignment for Week 1 on the schedule, there was a note to sign up for and add an article about web presence. I signed up and accessed the ENGL 314 collection but still have not figured out where and how these articles should be shared, and where I can see the shared articles of other students since we should be adding artifacts to the collection together. For Week 2, an assignment is to Google yourself and make notes in the Google Drive folder, but I am not sure if there are more specific instructions somewhere for things such as page requirements, questions we should be answering, what we should be thinking about as we search, etc.
  2. Something else that confused me was that the deadlines for assignments on the Course Map do not exactly match those on the Course Schedule, though I assume that the ones on the Course Schedule are correct.

One ah-ha moment:

An ah-ha moment for me was when I realized that we would be completing the Business Correspondence assignment throughout the first several weeks of the course. I am excited to increase my knowledge in this area of technical writing.

Two topics I hope to cover:

  1. Professional business correspondence is a topic I look forward to studying.
  2. Technical reports, such as survey and laboratory study reports and incident/inspection reports.

Three personal learning goals for this semester:

  1. To effectively balance my studies with other activities that are important to me.
  2. To become more comfortable with maintaining a professional online presence.
  3. To complete each course that I am taking successfully and with excellence.

And like always, I am excited to learn! I look forward to working with all of you throughout the semester!

~ Mariam Davitadze




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