When it comes to business you don’t need to learn a new language, you just need to manage a communication tool. ~ Kenneth OE Sundin, Entrepreneur

Powerful communication between people plays a critical role in a company’s bottom line. Without it you’re toast! ~ Miti Ampoma

It’s the fifth week of our Technical Writing course and the final versions of our Business Correspondence documents are finally ready to see the world! Thank you so much to my classmates for their constructive feedback and suggestions!

Since I am a business student, working on this almost three-week-long assignment gave me essential experience with composing and formatting professional writing for different occasions. I look forward to completing and publishing many more business-related documents. Each of them will (hopefully!) teach me the intricacies of harnessing and managing the language of business to produce strong, effective and, where needed, persuasive and authoritative writing.

The first of the Business Correspondence documents is a letter to a client from the fictitious AVEIA Corporation, a high-tech, mechanical parts manufacturer; the letter addresses a negative situation. The second document is an internal memo from the president of AVEIA Corp. to an AVEIA employee. The last document is a two-page sales letter completed as a group project with a partner.


Negative Message – Business Letter

AVEIA Negative Message Business Letter


Positive Message – Internal Memo

AVEIA Positive Message Internal Memo


Sales Message – Mariam Davitadze & Jessica Lyga-Nguyen

Business Correspondence Sales Message

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