Progress Report – Market Analysis

This is a short progress report (2 pages) from the fictitious research company National Collegiate Solutions, Inc. to Archway Publications, a teenage magazine publisher. In the scenario, I am the director of research and have an agreement with Edgar Martin, Archway’s vice-president of marketing, to provide a written progress report for the project at the end of the month.


NCSI External Progress Report



Comparison Report – Evaluating Online Survey Tools

The following is a short report for a small business providing pet medical insurance. In this scenario, I am an employee of the company and am researching online survey applications to use in order to understand why sales have recently been leveling off. In the report, I compile the information I have gathered and compare the applications SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and Qualtrics. The report will be presented at a board meeting to the directors of the company.


MLMM Short Comparison Report

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